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CADMATIC Hull Applications

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

Content of the course

Day 1

Introduction to the CADMATIC Hull User Interface

  • Overview of applications
  • Setting up a new block including views/drawings
  • Creating plates
  • Retrieving and storing views/drawings
  • Creating holes and deck beams
  • eating soft seams
  • Construction presentation in Hull Viewer

Day 2

  • Profiles: splitting, shortening and lengthening
  • Creating complex plates
  • Creating welding holes, corner holes etc.
  • Manipulation options (thickness, holes, profiles, welding holes etc.)
  • Annotating and dimensioning views (text, weld symbols, etc.)
  • Special 3D-Show functions
  • Manipulation of 2D entities
  • Creating bulkhead stiffeners

Day 3

  • Plate splitting functions
  • Dimensioning functions
  • Creating profiles, brackets, girders and flanges
  • Retrieving information about parts
  • Creating cut-outs
  • Block and drawing settings
  • View manipulations
  • Copying plates and attributes
  • Creating shell frames
  • Pillars
  • Setting up a sheet drawing incl. title field
  • Creating a 3D view of the model

Day 4

  • Creating slanted views/drawings
  • Creating slanted plates
  • Creating complex plates / stiffeners / holes
  • Knuckle function
  • Multi hole options
  • General drafting functions
  • Construction detail function
  • Copying block / removing block